Excellent satirical piece on a typical set of job applicants for bar work in NI. Well worth a read……


Some time ago I ran an advert on the Job Centre website for 1 Full Time bar staff vacancy…I expected a strong response, I did not expect 316 people to apply in just 2 weeks… I began to go through the CV’s and was absolutely shocked. A large proportion of society seemingly have very little knowledge of how to apply for a job, what information to share (and not share…)…just the basics. Our education system perhaps isn’t doing enough to teach people the correct skills…sure, we ALL know what a cumulonimbus cloud looks like and that the chemical element of Gold is Au…but how many people know that Comic Sans isn’t an ideal format for a CV or that maybe prospective employers don’t need to know that your relationship status is:

“Single…but looking ;)”

I shared some particularly bizarre samples originally but I found time since then to go through…

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