Having a little festive break, back soon. Here’s where it all began…



I suppose best start at the beginning. I am a first time father in Northern Ireland with a 6 month old daughter. I recently joined the exclusive club of the 2% of eligible fathers who take additional paternity leave (APL),according to BBC news. I can verify from the confused looks I got and still get when talking about APL that the 2% may actually be an overestimate, there is just so little information freely out there for fathers considering this.


I started to think shortly before starting APL about what  could I do to occupy myself and my mind when I get the odd half hour here and there throughout the day and Thought…………………. I`ll start a blog! Primarily I`ll be focusing on APL and my experiences around work, friends, lifestyle and routine but I`ll also looking at my journey from the day the little lady was born…

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