Nappy Changing.  It’s not the most glamorous part of being a parent.  You start off both vaguely curious about what your little cherub is producing and have numerous talks about colour, consistency and smell.  The novelty soon fades and before you know it you are arguing or offering bribes as to who is going to do the deed.

Below is a guide to the worst types of nappy changes.  If you can cope with these you will be fine.  The basic rule is be prepared for anything and plan for everything.

Warning: this blog contains a lot of poo and sh**

The Leaker / Poonami

No one warned me about leaky nappies when I was pregnant.  Not one single person.  It was quite a shock one day when I removed my baby’s nappy to discover that the poo went from his tummy, over his little touche, up his back and…

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