“We have moved” :( to http://www.funkydaddy.net/

Hi Guys, think most of my subscribers have moved over to new site but just in case there are any issues I have now moved to  http://www.funkydaddy.net/ would love for you to come visit, here is my first post and thanks again for your support so far in my blogging journey,



Moving day has arrived…..


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Hi Guys,

Having spoken for a while about migrating to self hosting I am now taking that step, my new site will be funkydaddy.net, please come and visit me soon. Hopefully if the process works well it will be all up and running in no time. It is however 10pm and I`m knackered but need to do this now as I keep finding excuses not to…who knows, if its easy I can say I did it left handed!

From myself and Sarah thank you all for your support so far in my blogging journey 🙂

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Blogging, a baby and a broken hand!


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Late last week I decided that with only a few weeks until I return to work I was going to move to a self hosted blog and give it a real push. Then on Saturday I broke a bone in my hand resulting in a elbow length cast on my right hand, my strong hand.

Now this raised several questions, how will I cope being a stay at home Dad with an 8 month old? How will I get around for 6 weeks? What will happen my blog, I can’t type in a conventional keyboard? Will the pain ever go away!!

I quickly came out if my mIsplaced panic and thought, seize the day and keep going! I have my family network who can chauffeur me and the little one. I’m going to press ahead with my switch to self hosted ( any transitional issues may be better coming up now when I’m not at full capacity anyway), also any advice around making the self hosted change greatly appreciated!

Thank god for swype keyboard and my patience typing this on my phone. Also thank god for my extra strong painkillers.

Finally how will I mange alone with my daughter. Well that chapter starts tomorrow so watch this space but I’m sure we’ll mange by taking our time, we have too!



Those heart stopping baby moments…….and the comical..


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As parents we have all had those moments when your baby literally stops your heart..

I’m not talking about the obvious cute babble, looks, words or actions which can be heart warming whilst taking you breath away, I’m talking the moments when you quite literally stop breathing for a second when things maybe have went wrong..

An example would be when your baby first comes home and you stare at the monitor at night panicking when you don’t hear/see movement, or when they get older and you are weaning and they start to cough (even though you know their food has been boiled/cooked to death, mashed,purred and that process repeated again and again)then the coughing stops and they smile at you having just taken in too much..

Then you have the car one minute they are sound asleep and they suddenly wake up screaming and you panic thinking what`s the  matter with them, are they in pain/stuck/uncomfortable? Not easy to access when you are on a never-ending motorway so your panic is extended.

Or the moment you leave them in their high chair/play mobile and you hear a thud, the split second panic sets in as you turn around or rush in thinking they have fallen, only to see they have thrown the toys or distractions as I call them out of the pram to coin a phrase.

For me however I had a completely different heart stopping moment today when I was home alone with my little one, I started to hear a voice in the distance in the room, thinking I was going mad I looked down and saw the red end call button lit up on my mobile. For yes not only had my 8 month old managed to unlock my mobile but also managed to make a call unwittingly………had she called the police/emergency services? had she called a director in work? had she called my wife?

All not very appealing and all managed to run around my head several times during the few seconds it took me to reach down and get my phone back. She had called one of my friends who had recently had a baby and saw the funny side, for me I have now changed the security settings on my phone and got her a toy mobile to amuse her, it’s not catching on though, why would it when it cost ÂŁ5 and you have played with a ÂŁ600 phone?

The warning signs had been there when my wife`s phone started up in Spanish a few days previous, I think we have found the culprit for that one!

I now have my breath back and my youngest receptionist is now redundant, still smiling though….



Liebster Award and the ticking clock..


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I was nominated for the above award about one month ago now and have been delayed replying, sorry. I was nominated by the brilliant Matt who has blogs on The UnsimpleLife, an awesome blog about his quirky experiences as a first time dad, I recommend you check it out,http://wp.me/5kgrw.

Thank you for the nomination, I was truly surprised!

I do however feel bad that it has taken me so long to reply, this was due to Christmas and my daughter now crawling (everywhere) and teething in some pain. This is why I apologise that I have completed most of the tasks of being nominated but cant do all as I cant find the time, it has taken me over a month to compose this reply, little by little……


Accepting the award means l need to complete certain things.Firstly, l need to answer some questions about myself, secondly l need to tell you eleven random facts about myself, and thirdly l need to nominate some other blogs that l like. Here we go…..

The Questions

1. What do you like to blog about?

I like to blog about my experiences of taking additional paternity leave in the UK which is quiet a novelty since inception. I have an 8 month old daughter who is my inspiration for my blog.

2. If you could have dinner with any three people, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

Duncan Ferguson, an Everton footballing great and one of all time heroes. My two grandparents who had passed before I was born, to get to know them.

3. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

I have already travelled quite a bit and been to some amazing places both as a backpacker and with  my wife. Would really like to see South America which has eluded me so far.

4. How do you measure success?

In friends, quite simple. When I was leaving from Cairns in Australia when travelling in 2003 our group had grown from 3 in America to 20 ish in Oz, I said to my friends, “It is not the places I have seen or the things I have done but the people who I met along the way which has made this journey unforgettable!”

5. Do you have any regrets in life?

Yeah, not picking a vocational degree!!

6. If you had one super power, what would it be?

Invisibility, to hear what people say behind your back. (And to get in free to places too 🙂 )

7. What cartoon character do you identify with most?

Probably Scooby Doo, a bit clumsy but gets the result in the end.

8. What was your favorite past time as a kid?

Playing football in the street till dark, a joy kids today will never have with mobiles and tablets etc..

9. What does it mean to be happy?

To sleep soundly at night and want to get out of bed in the morning.

10. What do you wish they taught in school?

Financial management and people interaction skills.

11. What is your ideal day?

Up late, croissants, TV, play with kids, make and enjoy nice family dinner (I enjoy cooking) bit of football on the TV, few glasses of a nice french red and then maybe an Irish coffee before bed after a great movie thriller..

11 Random Facts About Myself

1. I have lost a day of my life.

2. I have OCD.

3. I dislike cats, they are sneaky.

4. I once won an award for poetry.

5. I haven`t watched Frozen, yet!

6. I was once mistaken for the guy from the streets.

7. I cant swim.

8. I have stayed awake for 3 days solid, I think.

9. My blog is a secret to my family.

10. I once left my job one day and went travelling a few days later with no plan for coming back.

11. I take really irrational dislikes to people sometimes.

Thanks for reading,


#CVWatch – Who applied? A rundown…

Excellent satirical piece on a typical set of job applicants for bar work in NI. Well worth a read……


Some time ago I ran an advert on the Job Centre website for 1 Full Time bar staff vacancy…I expected a strong response, I did not expect 316 people to apply in just 2 weeks… I began to go through the CV’s and was absolutely shocked. A large proportion of society seemingly have very little knowledge of how to apply for a job, what information to share (and not share…)…just the basics. Our education system perhaps isn’t doing enough to teach people the correct skills…sure, we ALL know what a cumulonimbus cloud looks like and that the chemical element of Gold is Au…but how many people know that Comic Sans isn’t an ideal format for a CV or that maybe prospective employers don’t need to know that your relationship status is:

“Single…but looking ;)”

I shared some particularly bizarre samples originally but I found time since then to go through…

View original post 1,178 more words

The blogging 101 reminder and the Kickstart I need!


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Having put today’s date in my diary as the start of blogging 101, which I have never used before, I was both excited and nervous to see it pop up as a reminder on  my phone.  My excitement came form another blogger recommending it as a great way to reach out to more people and increase traffic to my content.

Now the nervousness or anxiety I had when I saw the reminder appeared. The reason I am blogging is that I became a stay at home dad taking advantage of the novelty of additional paternity leave which is now available to new dads in the UK. Its all explained in my original post on 6th November.


Being a new and indeed first tome dad and having worked in retail for the past 11 years I guess I became engrossed in the season of goodwill like never before as I had always either worked or been child free, the year for us as a family was EPIC! And that is where my anxiety came from this morning as I realised I had neglected my blog completely over the past few weeks, I thought……what if people aren`t interested anymore, have I let my followers down? Should I just give up blogging?

I decided to use 101 as a platform to relaunch and keep my blogging dream alive. Why and what for I thought? One of the prompts in the 101 e mail was why blog rather than journal? I am blogging for my daughter to chronicle my experiences of being her dad in the first few months and maybe even years if successful, I’m also blogging to keep my own sanity and to give me a focus in my current workplace free environment.

What do I want to achieve in the next year? Simple, to keep blogging and engaging with other bloggers, sharing experiences and tales to enlighten the late night changes and feeds. I cant promise a new years resolution style statement of 1 or 2 posts per day/week, I have an 8 month old who needs to be watched constantly on was she ventures everywhere!


I can only promise to blog when its relevant and worthwhile to my followers and to me.

Thank you